I’m a writer

Novels mostly. A bit of poetry. Some short stories. A recipe or two.

This blog is for the stuff I’m working on.  I’m currently writing a novel about a young woman who can see the future. I’d call it urban fantasy, but those kinds of novels typically involve werewolves or vampires. I’ll just call it sci-fi and lump it in with all the other odd ducks of the literature world.

That’s where half of the title comes from, by the way. I’m a platypus when it comes to what I write. I’m quirky, often humorous, and not easily categorized. I feel sorry for my publisher some day. They will have a tough time marketing my books.

The other half of the title is about God. I’m a Christian, and my faith is a source of joy for me. I say that if you want proof that God has a sense of humor, ask the platypus.

So go ask the platypus. He probably won’t say anything. Platypi (or is it platypusses?) don’t talk. I hear they growl though…


3 thoughts on “I’m a writer

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  1. yay laura doll!
    i want a cool looking blog but i don’t know what to write about. I guess i could write about or rant about American culture and how icky it is. i don’t know.

  2. Congrats on the new blog!

    For my part, I’m beginning to wonder just how marketable my own upcoming book is going to be… So I can kinda relate…

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