After Pesach

Could he do the impossible?

The thought whispered in the back of Miriam’s mind, quiet but impossible to ignore. The cool morning air was piercing through the folds of her cloak as she hurried through the city streets. A cow bellowed from behind a dirt wall making one of the other women jump. They were all nervous this morning. It was hard not to be when Simon had spent the last two nights sweeping. She’d listened to him begging Adonai for forgiveness into the early hours of the morning before she’d finally found sleep herself. When she had first woken this morning, he was still on his knees. His head was covered in dust, the tears streaking dark smudges over his face. She had heard him whispering the Shema as she left the room to go with the other women.

Could he?

The sounds of the shopkeepers and animals slowly faded as the reached the edge of the city. Salome dropped back from group and walked beside her. Miriam could see her white knuckles gripping her jar. Salome was still crying. Her breathing was staggered through the tears. She took Miriam’s hand with hers, and they walked the rest of the way in silence.

He’s done the impossible before.

It refused to stop teasing her. She thought of Eleazar and his sisters. His eyes always had a distant look to them now. He laughed more and spoke with an earnestness he never had before. He would never be the same. Neither would Marta. She never stopped staring at him. When he first came back, she didn’t sleep for two days.


His mother was wailing. Before Miriam had realized it, they had rounded the corner to the tomb. His mother was down on her knees weeping. She rushed forward with Salome to comfort her and stopped.

The tomb was open. Salome fell on her knees and started to wail in unison with his mother. Miriam simply stared. The Romans were cruel, but how could they desecrate a tomb? Surely they knew what sacrilege they committed. She left the others and walked closer to the open tomb. The broken seal was hanging down on one side.

It cannot be.

“Do not be afraid…”

A white light burst from the top of the tomb. She tripped over her own feet as she ran back to the others and fell headlong on the grass. She could see Salome covering her head with her cloak and muttering a prayer for protection.

“I know you are looking for Jeshua who was crucified,” Miriam heard the voice continue behind her. His mother’s face was glowing in the supernatural light. Miriam watched her close her eyes and bow her head in reverence. She seemed peaceful, caught up in a distant memory. She had heard his mother’s story years before. She had seen this being before.

“He is not here.” Her heart jumped into her throat as she realized what the angel was saying. She turned and looked into the light.

“He has risen,” the voice said, echoing across the garden.

Jeshua has done the impossible!

“He’s alive,” she whispered into the morning air.

Happy Easter.


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