Am I really?

I was chatting with a good friend this afternoon about jobs, and I happened to make the comment that I’m not naturally good at being organized. My friend responded that she wasn’t either. I passed over that without thinking.

But an hour later it had me thinking: not organized? How can she think that about herself?

This friend worked two jobs throughout the first two and a half years of her marriage to put her husband through school. She managed to be disciplined enough with their meager incomes to pay for the expense of a private college with no debt. She’s juggled more little nit-picky details with cars, insurance, and mony over the last few years than I can count. If there was anyone I would consider a master-organizer, it’s her.

It made me think really hard. I’m currently doing a job that is really uncomfortable for me. I work hard at it, and I do fine. I can keep a calendar, handle minor accounting, and juggle the questions and problems of over thirty graduate students. However, I do not consider myself organized. I don’t think I ever will.

Yet, as is true of my friend, most of the evidence is to the contrary.

When you’re looking at your life, it is much easier to see your flaws rather than your accomplishments in spite of them. Perhaps I am more organized than I think.


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