I discovered a new library

I love libraries.

I was raised going to the library and bringing home roughly half of it. I spent hours wandering the stacks of my alma mater’s library with no particular reason to be there. I suppose I should have spent much of my time in the psychology section like a good student, but more often I was flipping through Greek mythology, biographies of famous televangelists, or Shakespeare play performance videos. I can get completely lost. For days if the library happens to be open 24 hours. It’s like a bookstore, except it’s free!

With a new job comes a new library, if you’re in my line of work. So with much excitement, I spent my lunch breaks this week in the library at my new job.

The first short trip was only an exploratory mission. I looked over the maps, wandered around the main floor reading all those plagues that the rest of the world ignores, and became tranfixed by the sight of a coffee shop in the lobby! Cheap frappucinos and three racks of popular fiction? I could live in this place!

The following day I returned, armed with directions for the sections on genetics and photosynthesis.  I also happened upon Next by Michael Crichton on my way through the lobby. The first tome treasure hunt in new territory is always the most exciting, and I’m sure I looked giddy as I skipped down the aisles.

I am now sitting on my couch at home smiling at a grocery bag full of science books. Treasure hunt successful.


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