Novel Research: Soymilk

I like accuracy and authenticity in writing. When a writer gets the details right about science or technology, I notice. When a writer does not, it makes me grumpy. For this reason, I am going to great lengths to maintain a high level of accuracy in my current sci-fi novel about Mars. This weekend, it has resulted in a science experiment in my kitchen.

A Martian colony would be mostly vegan. Colonists would need to grow much of their own food in order to survive. There would be some meat and dairy, but it would be freeze-dried, packaged, or powdered. Why? Try convincing a cow to take an interplanetary trip in zero-gravity.  I doubt a goat would like it either. Anyway, colonists would eat lots of soy for protein, and if they had milk, it would probably be soy or rice milk.

Hence my latest adventure in making homemade soymilk.

In my imagining of a future Mars, it would be normal for a colonist to know how to make soymilk, tofu, and okara.  Okara is the baked, dried, or frozen leftovers from soymilk, and tofu is essentially cheese made from soymilk. You can make okara flour and put it in baked goods. And you can water plants from the whey that comes off of tofu.  And I didn’t mention edamame, fresh soy beans. Soy would a very useful little plant on Mars which means I need to know about it.

I will post a picture of the results. They will probably be entertaining.


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