Life Update

My world was quite busy, but it has calmed recently. That means more time to write. Yay!

Listening to two characters argue in your head can’t be normal. My main character has a friend with whom she argues a lot. Sometimes it’s friendly chatter, but sometimes I wonder why I put up with them. Fortunately this bizarre but vivid imagination of mine makes it very easy to write the novel. I just need to read, listen, and think a lot for a complete plot to form. To that end, I have been reading like a madwoman.

Books I’ve read, but haven’t reviewed yet:

The Terminal Man- Crichton
Skin– Ted Dekker
Kiss– Ted Dekker and Erin Healy
The Paradise War– Stephen Lawhead

Books in the queue to read this summer:

Eaters of the Dead- Crichton
Sphere- Michael Crichton
Boneman’s Daughters– Ted Dekker
Germ– Robert Liparulo
The King Raven series Stephen Lawhead
Books 2 &3 of Song of Albion series- Stephen Lawhead
The Oracle– William Broad

I will probably add a dozen others when I get more time. Beyond reading novels to remind myself what works and what doesn’t for description, character development, and plot, I am researching the science behind the story. My wonderful hubby bought me the DVD Roving Mars about the Rover projects, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have also spoken to a grad student in physics about alternative energy sources, and I am hoping to solicit an expert opinion from a geneticist. Finally, I have met several authors through my job and soaked up some wonderful advice about the industry.

I promise more interesting posts are forthcoming. I specifically want to review Kiss by Ted Dekker. I was very pleasantly surprised. Happy Weekend!


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