Yes, I managed to meet my deadline. Barely! 1500 words in one evening is no small feat.

Every time I say something like that, I contemplate how quickly I could write in college. I wrote fifteen-page papers in two days. I wrote ten-page papers in one evening regularly.  My page-long articles for the school newspaper rarely took longer than thirty minutes to write. And still, I am proud of myself for five solid pages of writing. Why?

Because writing an essay is relatively easy. Writing fiction is not.

Think about it: 90% of school-type writing is rephrasing what someone else said. You quote, cite, and paraphrase, and when you’re finished it’s mostly someone else’s words.

Fiction is all your own. Everything on the page comes out of your imagination. That makes it much more difficult. Sure, some of it is based on articles you read, a conversation you overheard, a song you like… But ultimately, fiction comes down to you and the page. That is hard work, no matter who you are.

Here’s to another 30,000 words!


2 thoughts on “Success!

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  1. Oddly, I myself find fiction easier to write than academic. Most of the time. I was never able to write 10-page papers in a night…

  2. True dat. Sometimes you just have to ask, “Well what the blazes happens next?”

    Hopefully the answer comes easily. If not, have a beer. If you still can’t figure it out, at least you’re on the write… track? (ba-dum pish!)


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