What I’m Reading: The Adoration of Jenna Fox

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

I just finished this novel, and I’m impressed. You’ll find it in the young adult section at Half-Price Books, B&N, or wherever you prefer to procure your fiction, but this is a good read for adults too.

Jenna Fox wakes up after a mysterious accident with no memories. She is seventeen years old, but she doesn’t remember a single day of her life. She finds herself living with her mother and grandmother in a house in California while her father works in Boston. As she becomes reacquainted with the world and slowly remembers pieces of her life, she suspects that her parents are not telling her everything.

The story is written in first-person, and the author makes use of free verse, dictionary definitions, and excerpts from Thoreau’s Walden to illustrate Jenna’s state of mind. Normally I don’t like it when an author uses experimental forms, but it was perfect for the tone of the story.

If you pay attention, you’ll figure out the end much sooner than Jenna does, but you probably won’t mind. I kept reading, curious what Jenna would learn and remember next. There are discussions of ethics, the nature of the soul, and the definitions of life and death woven throughout the story, and if you are a debate junkie like me, you’ll be hooked.

I highly recommend The Adoration of Jenna Fox for a Saturday afternoon. It’s a fun, easy read that will still make you think.


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