What I’m Reading: Coraline

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

I’m sure most people have heard of this one already, but this was my first time reading anything by Neil Gaiman. I’m not normally one for creepy books, but I really liked the movie.  Glad I tried it!

Coraline has just moved in to a new house, and upon investigation, discovers a door to another world. This world caters to her every whim. The food is delicious, the clothing adorable, the toys magical, but Coraline is a little suspicious. After all, her mom has buttons for eyes in this alternate world! I have a vivid imagination, and the idea of an alternate reality where people have buttons for eyes was just icky. It made my skin crawl when Coraline first met her “Other Mother.”

Gaiman is a very good writer. I felt that the writing style fit the main character’s age and state of mind perfectly. It really felt like walking around in a young girl’s head, and that made the creepy aspects of the story more effective. Coraline sounds brash and bratty or small and afraid by turns, and I felt like a little girl again looking at the world through her eyes. It also made the Other Mother much more menacing as the story progressed. I definitely understand Gaiman’s appeal now, and I will be reading more from him in the future.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it is also awesome. Bizarre, surprisingly dark, but also funny. Very Tim Burton-esque. I recommend both the movie and the book.

Up next: Germ by Robert Liparulo


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  1. I like that movie (as weird and creepy as it is.. it’s good for halloween!), and I really enjoyed the book when I picked it up from the library a couple of years ago. The metal hand chasing her around was one thing they should have included in the movie… that was sooo freaky. I remember my heart pounding when I read that part 🙂

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