Novel Research: AeroGarden Update

The petunias have sprouted!

See? Adorable!

Unfortunately, the stock and twinkle phlox are facing an untimely disposal in my trashcan. They are both covered in a nasty green slime and bits of hairy mold. I’ve done all I can for them (which was nothing), and now it’s time to admit defeat. Oh well. The green slime does not photograph well, but you can definitely see that there are no sprouts whatsoever.

They will be replaced with chives and basil. Or calendula and brachycome. I haven’t decided yet. Chives would be nice to have around because I like to put them on baked potatoes. I know basil is really easy to grow. But the calendula and brachycome would look awfully pretty in my tiny kitchen. I’m torn.

Any thoughts on my flowers vs. herbs conundrum would be appreciated.


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