This blog is on life-support

And there is a good reason. I have to choose.

Write a blog


Write my book.

I’m choosing the book.

If I’m going to achieve anything, I can’t afford distraction. I can’t write a blog and a book and work full time.

I only promise to tell you when the first draft is complete. Until then, expect cobwebs to collect on this blog.


3 thoughts on “This blog is on life-support

Add yours

  1. Sure! I can totally see how it could become more of a distraction than a blog. As far as tweets go, though, 140 characters are way quicker to churn out than entire blog posts. Let me know if you ever try it again, and in the meantime, good luck with your draft! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Kayla! No, I’m not on Twitter. I have found it to be even more distracting than a blog, so I probably won’t be getting an account any time soon. But I do occasionally read the tweets of a few friends. I’ll definitely look you up. Thank you for the heads up about AugWriMo. I’ll keep an eye on that. 🙂

  3. Good luck with your book! Are you on Twitter? That might be a fun way for you to continue connecting with people while you’re drafting. There are a group of my friends who have challenged themselves to make major headway with their first drafts this month, and they started their own hashtag for it, called #AugWriMo (If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, that might not make sense…basically, they put it at the end of their posts, and it goes into a feed where all participants can see it.)

    If you are on Twitter, what’s your username? If you’re not, and you decide to start an account, follow me and I’ll totally follow you back. My username is @olsonkayla, and my friends doing #AugWriMo are Melissa (@melissaiswrite) and Laura (@LauraJMoss).

    Okay. That was a long comment, but I think it’s SO helpful to have support at all stages of writing a novel. 🙂 Hope yours goes well!

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