Scrivener Awesomeness

I’ve had enough to time to learn the parts of Scrivener that matter for me, and I have not been disappointed. This is an amazing program. I will never use another program for my writing. There are a thousand large and small reasons to recommend this program to fellow writers, but these are my top five.

Top 5 Reasons I Love Scrivener

5) The search feature is fantastic! I love that I can type a character’s name and see every single place they are mentioned, either as one big document or in scene chunks. This also helps me check continuity after I move a scene. Fabulous!

4) I can set word count goals for the novel as a whole and for individual writing sessions. This feature is great motivation. With one click I can see how many words I’ve written and how far I have to go before I’ve met my evening goal. If you need an extra kick in the pants to meet your goals, this is a good one.

3) I can see the whole novel at once. The WHOLE STINKING NOVEL! Seeing it all at my fingertips allowed me to finally create a complete outline. Yes, I’ve been working on the stupid thing for four and a half years and never wrote an outline. I realize a lot of people will bang their heads on their monitors when they read that. I did try to create an outline, but I just couldn’t visualize the story arc. Thank you, Scrivener, for helping me finally outline the big picture. I could not have done it without you.

2) Scrivener opens your document in the exact place you left off, including the cursor location. You’ll never have to search for your place again. Pure brilliance.

1) The very best part of Scrivener is that it is so easy to move scenes around. I write lots of bits and pieces of scenes as I think of them, and in a Word document, I park them at the end of the text in a big section labeled “Random”. I have spent hours going through those pieces trying to find the one I want for the chapter I’m working on. In Scrivener each scene has its own name, and I can put it in the chapter with a click and drag. If I want to move a scenes or whole chapters, it is just a matter of a click and drag. I cannot describe how much I love this feature!

I love this program. The Scrivener for Windows programmer might get a shout out in the acknowledgments page of my published novel someday. Thank you for an amazing program!


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