In Which I Forfeit A Significant Percentage of My Geek Cred

I love science fiction movies, television shows, and books. I love superheros. I am a geek and proud of it. But there are some things I just don’t get. Like…

5) Anime

I’ve seen four anime films. I watched Grave of the Fireflies in a college film class and was intrigued enough to watch Spirited Away since a friend happened to own it. Meh. Odd movie. Kind of cool. Then I watched Howl’s Moving CastleMeh. I pretty much forgot about anime after that, but a few days ago I watched Princess Mononoke with my husband for his 100 Films to See Before You Die. I turned to him halfway through and said, “I don’t know why I ever thought I liked anime. This is putting me to sleep.”  That’s my final sentiment on the matter.

4) Superman

HE’S A WUSS! ONE SHARD OF GREEN ROCK, AND HE’S A SNIVELING WEAKLING. Spiderman? Amazing. Batman? Damaged, but awesome. Superman is only cool when there are no green rocks around, and we all know that NEVER happens. When I was a kid watching cartoons on Saturday mornings, it was a toss up whether the Batman-Superman hour would be Batman or Superman. If it was Superman, I turned the TV off.

3) The Eleventh Doctor

I watched Doctor Who with my dad back when Tom Baker played the Fourth Doctor with a ridiculously long scarf and fabulous head of curls. I loved that show. It was campy and bizarre in that delightful, lovable, British way. Then suddenly a few years ago everyone was watching Dr. Who! And I was really confused because I was such a weirdo to have heard of Dr. Who back in the day!

I’ve never seen any of the episodes with the Ninth Doctor. I saw three or four with the Tenth Doctor and thought they were fun but not fun enough to go back and watch every show. Then along came Matt Smith… and I just don’t get it. Perhaps it was the episode I saw (and I won’t say which one it was because I really will get burned at the stake). I’m willing to give the Eleventh Doctor another try, but only when I’ve finished watching pretty much everything else I’m curious about on Netflix. That’s a long list.

2) Isaac Asimov

Yes, I’ve read the Foundation series. It was deathly boring. The I, Robot short story collection was okay. I liked the movie version loosely based on Asimov’s three laws. Unfortunately his writing style puts me to sleep, and the Foundation series has an absurd premise. Do I lose my geek card over this one? If not, I probably will over the next one…

1) Bladerunner

Worst. Movie. Ever. I do not understand why everyone loves that film. I could barely stay awake. I love Harrison Ford. I love robots that think they are alive. I like dark science fiction and creepy villains and everything that makes up the plot of the movie… but I hate the movie. I really really hate it. My husband has rolled his eyes many times as I express the depth of my dislike.

Feel free to grab your torches and pitchforks.


3 thoughts on “In Which I Forfeit A Significant Percentage of My Geek Cred

Add yours

  1. I am a big lover of Dr Who I too was bewitched by it thanks to Tom Baker, but can honestly say it is still as exciting. Give the 11th Doctor another go. He may surprise you.

  2. I talked my wife into watching Blade Runner with me, and we couldn’t make it to the end. Now I’ve sadly lost all sci-fi cred with my wife:( I should have talked her into watching any other sci- fi classic, but I hadn’t seen it and I just didn’t know….

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