Prepping for November

Yes, it is almost NANOWRIMO! And I’m trying again.

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to completely start over on my Mars novel and use NaNoWriMo as my motivation to finally finish a complete draft. This means throwing away approximately 40k-50k words and four years worth of work. I feel a little insane doing it, but I believe it is necessary. Sure, it’s 40,000 words, but the story is in pieces. The plot is impossible to follow, and I’ve run down a thousand rabbit trails that lead nowhere. I need a fresh start, and I feel like this is the best way to do that. I can always go back and add in some of my old work if I want to (after November).

To ensure I actually finish the story in 50,000 words (as required by NaNoWriMo), I am setting up a new file in Scrivener with a complete outline of the plot and some inspirational pictures.  I’ve also given myself a rule: Write the book straight through from beginning to end. I have a bad habit of avoiding scenes I don’t know how to write by skipping to the next chapter. That scene won’t get written by someone else, so I’m forcing myself to face it. Maybe I don’t want to write the scene because it is dumb and needs to be cut. Maybe I just need to make a royal mess of that scene and fix it in editing. Either way, I need to bite the bullet and write.

Wish me luck! I might even come up with a title for the novel this time. That alone would be a huge accomplishment.


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