Peter Furler and The Cure for The Common CCM Radio Song

I was going to say the same thing, so I’ll just reblog my husband’s awesomeness.

The Chief End

Maybe I’m turning into an old fogie. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with a friend who leads worship at our church. We were discussing how hard it is to find good Christian music on the radio any more. We pined for the ol’ days of the 90s before K-Love and Air-1 owned almost the entire Christian radio market. When small, regional, and independent Christian radio stations were still the norm and thus had more say in who got spins on their airways.

One of the top Christian musicians of the 90s was Peter Furler. He was a member of Newsboys who wrote, sang, and played drums until taking over frontman duties in the late 90s until 2009. Furler just released his second solo effort. I picked it up on release day and it was a welcome salve to ears that had grown tired of the stagnant lyrics…

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