What’s In A Name?

Why platypus? What are we asking it? And what possessed me to name my blog such a thing?

Many moons ago in middle school I gave a report about echidnas. Thus was born a love of all egg-laying mammals. I long to visit them in Australia, and I’ve fantasized about a pet platypus, so it was natural to think of a platypus when I went to name my blog.

First of all, my writing is weird. I’ve written about ghosts, mermaids in the Gulf of Mexico, tall green men on Mars, and a musician in post-apocalyptic Kansas. I’ve also been told that my current novel doesn’t easily fit into a particular genre. The first time I tried to explain the plot of my novel, my friend scratched his head and said, “My brain hurts. Start over.” My posts are similarly scatterbrained.

Memories of my experiences as a pastor’s wife

A short story about killer snowmen

Stream-of-consciousness-style rant

To quote Charles Wallace in A Wrinkle In Time, I’m “…not flesh nor fowl nor good red herring.” I’m a weird little platypus.

The other reason I chose a platypus is simple: have you ever looked at a platypus? They are hilarious. I like to imagine God putting all the spare parts from the rest of the animals into a box, shaking the box, and dumping it out with a giggle in Australia. It has a duck bill, a beaver tail, and venomous spurs on its ankles. It lays eggs and sees underwater by sensing electrical signals. People thought the taxidermized animals coming from the Outback were fake. I suspect all egg-laying mammals were a divine prank on naturalists.

But most of all, there’s a delightful sense of whimsy in the humble platypus. She is entirely nonsensical and adorable, and God clearly designed her to be amusing. If we are made in His image, then we are made to appreciate the joke and the Comedian. In that vein, I created “True Tales of Unbelievable Social Awkwardness.” If you want to laugh with me (or at me is fine, too), take a look at these posts:

The Embarrassment of Emily Rose

Spa Pizza Hut

The Consequences of Three Instead of Two

(I have six more tales at various draft stages, but I’m sure I’ll never run out of them.)

I hope this blog is amusing as well as inspiring, just like a platypus. And I’m grateful for all the wonderful people who take the time to read it.

I believe God has a terrific sense of humor. If you do not believe me…

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