Creativity and Self


This is just as true as the day I first wrote it. The more I develop this craft, the more I realize I am putting my Self on the line, not just my words. But I’ve also had seven years to know myself better, and I know that yes, I do have the guts for this calling.

Go Ask the Platypus

I remember a self-portrait I saw at a friend’s senior art exhibit several years ago. I was struck by how much it truly looked like her. I immediately recognized her eyes and smile, but the bright swirling colors in soft brushstrokes captured her joy and sweetness. The blues and purples made me feel the deep peace she had found in her faith. It was a visual representation of her new life in Christ, and it made me smile. It was her, inside and out.

A few days ago I saw another friend’s creative work that reflected some of his painful experiences. It portrayed some very raw emotions, and though some of it was played for laughs, I winced. I teared up. And I admired him for putting his memories on display in hopes that someone else might learn from it.

It takes courage to put a piece of yourself on…

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