The Lord’s Prayer As a Counter to White Supremacy


The Chief End


Something to think about for those who would claim to represent Christ while at the same time holding to a Satanic ideology of white supremacy. When Jesus taught his followers to pray, he specifically told them to pray “Your kingdom come.”

In this model prayer Jesus tells his followers to look expectantly toward the coming Kingdom. The Kingdom that they were a part of and would be working to expand. That kingdom had it’s birth with a dark skinned Middle Eastern man and expanded, despite persecution, thanks to the missionary efforts of his disciples. These were also Middle Eastern men. Among his most faithful followers were Middle Eastern women who were often marginalized in their own society but people who Jesus elevated as equal co-heirs in his kingdom. There were tax collectors, adulterers, prostitutes, and murderers.

The people who made, make up, and will make up the Kingdom of God…

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