Novel Research: AeroGarden Update

Sad news. The petunias are now deceased. Despite their initial good health, they were not immune to the evil green slime, and like the twinkle phlox and stock before them, finally succumbed. Below, the beginnings of their death throes. The poor things turned yellow and withered away. And the green slime consumed their remains. A... Continue Reading →


Novel Research: AeroGarden Update

The petunias have sprouted! See? Adorable! Unfortunately, the stock and twinkle phlox are facing an untimely disposal in my trashcan. They are both covered in a nasty green slime and bits of hairy mold. I've done all I can for them (which was nothing), and now it's time to admit defeat. Oh well. The green... Continue Reading →

Novel Research: AeroGarden

Remember my soy milk adventure? I have now embarked on a new research adventure. NASA has already been working on ways to grow food in zero-G for the long trip to Mars. One of their projects involves an inflatable frame for growing food aeroponically. I have have been using aeroponics extensively in my novel. Growing... Continue Reading →

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