Novel Research: AeroGarden Update


Sad news.

The petunias are now deceased. Despite their initial good health, they were not immune to the evil green slime, and like the twinkle phlox and stock before them, finally succumbed. Below, the beginnings of their death throes.

The poor things turned yellow and withered away. And the green slime consumed their remains.

A pox upon the slime!

I have now replaced the petunias with brachycome, which shouldn’t sprout for a few days.

I have an eagle eye out for any hint of slime.

In happier news, the basil I planted in place of the stock is growing like crazy. Week One:

Week Two:

Beautiful, isn’t it? I’ve already had to take the little cover off because the plants were too big for it. Yay!

I also replaced the twinkle phlox with chives, but they haven’t decided to do anything yet.

But I’m hopeful. No slime so far.

This little research project has been very useful. The evil green slime that has eaten my plants will probably find its way into my novel somewhere. I never would have thought of evil green slime without this foray into gardening. And I’ve discovered I like to grow things, even if I haven’t been especially successful yet.  I’m actually growing attached to my little plants. I will overcome this black thumb!