Major Milestone: 75,000 words


75,000 words. 192 pages according to Scrivener.

Do you have any idea what a big deal that is? I have been trying to write a full-length novel since middle school. That’s roughly twenty years for those keeping score. My first attempt at a novel was historical fiction set during the Revolutionary War. The heroine was named Elizabeth Dawes, and I remember absolutely nothing else about it. Dozens of ideas have come and gone since that first attempt. I got bored a lot.

Before we moved I went through my writing box and ruthlessly purged all the ideas and notes I didn’t need. They filled up a large garbage bag. Twenty years of writing was a long lesson in perseverance.

Another reason it has taken so long is I am naturally concise. My college assignments reached halfway down the last required page. I was known for picking topics that were too big for the assignment and barely making them last. My novel takes place over thirteen years, and I’m still struggling to find more words and more chapters. I have to write 50-80 pages before it’s long enough for my preferred agent to consider it.

Pray for me as I try to complete my editing by December and send it out for feedback from beta-readers. That’s a scary proposition. At the moment only five people have ever read even a portion of the novel, and only one person has read the whole thing (thank you, Caleb). I have no idea what people will think of it. As much as I want other people to read it, a part of me does not want to know what anyone thinks ever because they’ll probably hate it and tell me it’s boring and this was a terrible stupid idea.


But I’m not giving up. I’m too close to the end to quit now. Here’s to 15,000-25,000 more words! And thanks for caring enough to read my few and far between posts as I try to finish.


The Plan


My goal for this year is to finish my novel by August. I think perhaps I might be mad. At the moment, the novel sits at 34,000 words, and I aim to triple that amount before I’m finished. To complete the novel by August would mean writing more than I have ever written in my life. In 8 months.

I thought I was nuts until some simple calculations revealed that my pace needs to be about 500 words a day. That is definitely doable. However, that pace means no weekends or vacations off. I’m not known for my consistency, so this will definitely test my perseverance.

To give myself an incentive, if I am on track by June 1, I will pre-order the final book in The Hunger Games series.

If not, I get to wait until September 1 to get my copy. Which will be pure torture.

Any ideas for other smaller incentives I could give myself along the way? Cuz I’m gonna need ’em.