Goals for 2013

I don't make New Years Resolutions. I'm not sure why, but I never have. I think it was something my old pastor said about resolutions being a temporary outer change, not an inner heart change. Anyway. I do have goals for 2013. About half have to do with writing my book. The rest are pretty... Continue Reading →


Why I’m Not a Mathematician

I discovered my math was a bit off for my novel. I only need to keep a pace of about 350 words a day to get to the length I want. I audibly sighed in relief when I figured this out. When I created my spreadsheet with weekly goals I noticed it was adding up... Continue Reading →

The Plan

My goal for this year is to finish my novel by August. I think perhaps I might be mad. At the moment, the novel sits at 34,000 words, and I aim to triple that amount before I'm finished. To complete the novel by August would mean writing more than I have ever written in my... Continue Reading →

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