Beginning My Return Voyage After Eight Months

I revisited my Mars novel. The process involved the novel on a pdf on our e-reader, a composition notebook, and a pen. I read what I wrote and jotted notes on what needed to be fixed. I got to chapter 8 before I simply had to fix the mistakes and started editing. I am glad for... Continue Reading →


Writing what you are afraid of

I'm not afraid of much. Insects, arachnids, vermin, and snakes only get a flight response if they get the jump on me or happen to be poisonous. (Hmm. I wonder if there is such a thing as a poisonous mouse.) Death has never bothered me because I know where I'm going. Public speaking is fun.... Continue Reading →

Novel Research: AeroGarden

Remember my soy milk adventure? I have now embarked on a new research adventure. NASA has already been working on ways to grow food in zero-G for the long trip to Mars. One of their projects involves an inflatable frame for growing food aeroponically. I have have been using aeroponics extensively in my novel. Growing... Continue Reading →

Novel Research: Google Earth

I have done a lot of research for the novel I'm writing, and it is especially difficult since I care about scientific details. That means I'm doing a lot of research about Mars. At the moment I am sorting through a collection of factoids about atmospheric pressure, soil toxicity, static electricity, and calendar systems for... Continue Reading →

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