Pumpkin Epiphanies

I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and then I had an epiphany. I realize most epiphanies don't involveĀ pumpkin, but chocolate is a definite possibility. I haven't made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (at least that I can recall) since we left Kansas. I realized there are several recipes in my repertoire that I've never made since... Continue Reading →


Military Life: 70 Years of Stories I Wish I Knew

We are officially moved into our home at my husband's first duty station as an Army chaplain. It's been a crazy few weeks getting settled, but posters and pictures are on the walls, the kitchen is functional, and we all have clean beds to sleep in. I call that success. It's been a strange transition... Continue Reading →

An Easier Way

I always smile when I think of the lady with the amethyst ring. In the days after I graduated from college the only jobs available were retail, so I found myself behind a counter ringing up clothes in a department store at the local mall. It was definitely an interesting place to work from a... Continue Reading →

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