A New System

I hate that I put five years of work into a book that may never see the light of day. It sits there on my hard drive, lonely and sad. And for awhile I was sad too. However, I learned some things after five years of hard work. 1. Have a plan! Do not just... Continue Reading →


Novel Research: The Results of the Soymilk Adventure

I promised photos of the results of my homemade soymilk attempt, so here they are. It smelled pretty bad raw, but then I had to cook it. It was on step two that I decided soymilk should be called "Soy juice." It did not look like milk. Sorry, folks. Forgot to take a picture of... Continue Reading →

Writing Some, Reading A Lot

I have a large stack of novels to go through since finishing the Dante Club. I finished Skin by Ted Dekker, but I honestly don't feel like reviewing it right now. I'm now in the middle of House by Dekker and Frank Peretti. Yes, I know it's been out forever, but I'm not much of... Continue Reading →

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