Sandpaper Hearts

Over ten years ago my fiance and I were sitting in the pastor's office for premarital counseling. We were barely in our twenties, trying to finish college degrees and find part-time jobs that would pay the rent for married student housing after the wedding. After passing us folders filled with questionnaires and devotions on marriage,... Continue Reading →


Beginning My Return Voyage After Eight Months

I revisited my Mars novel. The process involved the novel on a pdf on our e-reader, a composition notebook, and a pen. I read what I wrote and jotted notes on what needed to be fixed. I got to chapter 8 before I simply had to fix the mistakes and started editing. I am glad for... Continue Reading →

Creativity and Self

I remember a self-portrait I saw at a friend's senior art exhibit several years ago. I was struck by how much it truly looked like her. I immediately recognized her eyes and smile, but the bright swirling colors in soft brushstrokes captured her joy and sweetness. The blues and purples made me feel the deep... Continue Reading →

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