True Tales of Unbelievable Social Awkwardness: Ambidextrous Nuclear Malapropisms

I hate when someone mispronounces a word. It has been one of my pet peeves since childhood. My grandmother recently told me that when I was about five my great-aunt complained that I corrected her as she read a book aloud. "I don't like that kid. She kept tellin' me I was readin' wrong!" Based... Continue Reading →


True Tales of Unbelievable Social Awkwardness: I Don’t Do Mornings

I am a notorious night owl. I put the night security guards to shame in college, regularly staying up until 3 on school nights and pulling all-nighters at least twice a semester. I felt (and still feel) most awake from about six in the evening until midnight or 1am. But all those late nights meant... Continue Reading →

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